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Michigan Boy, 15, Killed Himself After Being Discharged By Psychiatric Hospital

A teen shot himself to death after being discharged from hospital

A 15-year-old Michigan boy who committed suicide last year is said to have committed suicide after being discharged from a psychiatric hospital who repeatedly documented his suicidal threats and statements.

Sources reported that Jonathan Huizar fired himself in the head on November 5, 2019, the day after he came back from the Pine Rest Christian mental health service. The teenager was taken to the center on October 24 after being charged with a felony for an unspecified accident at the school.

The teen boy was suffering from depression

Earlier that year, Husar was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder. Two years earlier he had been diagnosed with a seizure, according to the reports.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is located in Grand Rapids, a 2-hour drive from Clarklake House in Husar. Ali Steed, 17, a former patient who befriended Husar during his short stay, told officers that he saw the teenager deteriorate and that it was obvious he was hurting himself.

Sources recently received facilitator notes from a group session on October 28th. During the session, Huizar would have expressed regret for not having committed suicide when he had the opportunity. On the third day of treatment, he would tell the Pine Rest doctor, that he will kill himself if discharged from the hospital.

The boy attempted to kill himself with a fork

Also, on October 31, a nurse reportedly wrote that Huizar admitted cutting himself with a broken fork. On the same day, Hughes finished the therapy session earlier than expected, declaring.

officers reported that there are short-term signs of improvement in Huizar’s medical records. However, they also show how short-lived this progress has been.

Records show that three days before his death, Huizar rated his depression a 10 out of 10 and described his suicidal thoughts as “persistent”. The next day, Huizar was found to be “at high risk of suicide”.

On November 4, the last full day of treatment, Huizar said he had “no hope for the future, no reason to live,” and stated that he would use a weapon or whatever to kill himself as soon as he was discharged from the hospital.

No symptoms of suicidal thoughts were reported in reports

Documents indicate that on the day of discharge from the psychiatric hospital, November 5, Huizar did not report any suicidal thoughts. The social worker wrote that Huizar was ready to be discharged and Pine Rest did just that.

The deceased teenager’s mother told officers she was concerned about her son’s well-being and told the hospital that she would not pick him up if he was discharged. The officer reportedly told her they would inform the police that she had abandoned her son.

The mother claimed that the day before he was discharged, Khuisar said he was not ready to go home and threatened to harm himself. Regardless, a Pine Rest employee allegedly said he didn’t believe the 15-year-old was a danger to himself or others.

The news reported that Huisar’s mother took him to his grandmother the day he was released. The teenager committed suicide that evening.

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