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Michael Jackson Almost Played Professor X! Deets Inside

King of pop ready for Professor X? Here you got everything related to it. In 1999, X-Men production accelerated. Director Brian Singer and other producers and the team were working at their Los Angeles offices when an unexpected face entered the door: Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Almost Played Professor X!!

The singer had a proposal for the singer. I wanted to play the role of Professor Charles Xavier in the next movie. The story of a strange reunion about Singer’s behavior on the set of the superhero movie and the allegations of sexual misconduct and violent behavior during his career was closely related. Jackson had prepared a presentation, in which he hoped to convince the filmmakers, that they were the right person to play Professor X. It also included showing his 1996 short Ghost.

Michael Jackson Wanted to Play Professor X in Whiteface for ...

Therefore, who entertains children in a small town with ghost stories and magic tricks. The white mayor of the city (played by Jackson) wants to remove a teacher from the city because he believes he is a “monster”. Ghost is not Jackson’s only acting credit. He also appeared as a Scarecrow in 1978 musical and in the 1986 science fiction short Captain EO, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and presented at the Disney theme park.

About other details!!

Jackson’s release for Singer was unsuccessful. Ultimately, Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation was chosen to portray the character, appearing in seven of the franchise movies, most recently in 2017. By the time he was pushing for the role, his reputation was already in trouble due to allegations of sexual abuse.

After Jackson’s death, two other men came forward and stated that Jackson had abused them as children, charges were made in the 2019 film Leaving Neverland. He was a huge fan of Marvel comics in Spider-Man in particular. In a 2024 interview with Popcornplanet, Jackson’s nephew, Jackson, stated that his uncle was negotiating (with Stan Lee) to buy the comic book publisher, but the deal fell through as well. But if Jackson was able to buy Marvel, the MCU exists, because it probably doesn’t exist, and we could have an X-Men movie starring Jackson as Professor X.

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