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Meghan Markle: Does She Have A New Job At Disney After Giving Up Royalty

The Duchess of Sussex has signed a Voiceover Agreement with Disney for a gift to a charity for wildlife. In exchange for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, an organization that helps monitor and protect the animals of trafficking, Meghan will provide her voice to the mass media and entertainment conglomerate, as reported. Her voiceover is thought to have been recorded before she and Prince Harry left Canada for their six-week Christmas break. The news comes after the pair have announced their plans to retire on Wednesday as senior members of the royal family.

The Voiceover Agreement

The voiceover agreement reports that the former Suits actress could look to Hollywood as a way to become “financially independent,” and how Prince Harry and she will use their celebrity status to benefit selected causes. Experts claim that it could gain tens of millions annually to become a brand ambassador for a multinational giant like Apple. A total of nine figures a year–$100million–would amount to $1billion (£ 760million) over ten years.

The pair wants to utilize their status as celebrities to advance their cause, but, as the reports, the detractors believe that by pursuing this partnership with Disney, the couple “cheapen the Royal Brand.”

Announcement By Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Earlier this week, Prince Harry and Meghan shocked the world by announcing their plans on their Instagram accounts. Today, the Queen instructed the couple to find a “workable solution” for their future roles. Senior brokers opened Thursday discussions, and a source told. They hope to come up with a plan that will enable Harry and Meghan to pursue their future vision in days rather than weeks.

On Thursday, Meghan flew to Canada to meet Baby Son Archie. Harry and Meghan reportedly left the age of eight months in the care of his baby and the close friend of Duchess Jessica Mulroney. It is understood that, according to the reports, the Duchess has always returned to Canada after attending meetings in the UK.

Both was first seen in public since November on Tuesday when they visited the Canada House to thank the High Commissioner for their hospitality while they were living in Vancouver.

Meghan Markle As A Wife

All families have traditions that their wives often receive and uphold, and the royal family is by no means an exception. One could argue, of course, that Meghan knew what she was getting into.

But then, Harry did–he did, after all, marry an “American actress.” And besides the crucial fact that women share decisions about their families equally in the 21st century, Prince Harry has his rich history as the Royal Rebel, who has already expressed a lack of satisfaction with royal life.

Maybe it’s true that Meghan is trying to find and exercise her power in her new family. But she’s a mother of 38 years old, isn’t that her right? To forget some of the financial safeguards offered by the royal family — and perhaps risk losing more of that good fortune — is undoubtedly no mockery.

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