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Medici Season 3 On Netflix? Here’s The Release Date!

If you haven’t received this historical drama yet, this is definitely your chance for action. With big names like Sean Bean and Richard Madden, the series is one of the biggest hidden gems on Netflix right now.

Season 1 launched on Netflix in December 2016, but the series first aired on the Italian television network Rai 1. The second season, which had a reboot in the cast and theme, aired a year later and It is now based on Netflix after airing in Italy on November 3 and December 2019.

Will season 3 be different from season 2 of the Medici?

Medici Season 3 is a direct continuation of season 2, although Sean Bean will not be returned given the events of season 2.

According to the story, the sequence continues after the Nazi plot and sees Lorenzo withdraw from Naples and hopes to be able to organize a peace treaty.

The official Italian title for season 3 is “I Medici: Nail nom della Famiglia”

This season includes some newcomers. In 2018, Variety received the scoop that Christian Duguay and Francesco Montanari joined the cast.

As of last season, Season 3 consists of eight episodes.

To which regions will the Medici C3 be flown?

Unfortunately, not all Netflix regions take Medici.

Those currently getting markers for the third season include Netflix EE. USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and India. All five regions are slated to host Medici Season 3 on May 1, 2024.

For Australians, currently, only the first two SBS seasons are found on demand.

Unfortunately, it won’t appear that Netflix is ​​going to take the license, but for that change, we’ll inform you here on Netflix’s WhatsApp.

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