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Mavel Fans And Now Demanding The Trailer For The Eternals

The popular franchise was intended to take a hiatus after the Infinity Saga ended last year. It is intended to provide a proper distinct update on between the past and the future of the universe. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the expected interruption is prolonged, Black Widow pushed from May to November and left the domino effect on the rest of the board.

There Are No Offical For Marvels Fans

In light of this, Marvel Studios has received information about official updates on its plans. Not only did he delay his release, but he also stopped production, both for his films and for television. For now, Kate Shortland’s Black Widow and Chloe Zho’s Eternal are only done with major photography, and while Disney + series like The Falcon and Winter Soldier and Vandavision are at the end of filming. While the filming of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten was stopped in Australia, the production dates for other films and TV shows have been delayed.

There’s no official news about the MCU with any fans at all, especially those who made a hilarious video trying to pull out the two-phase trailers. Kirk Dev and his friend Julian Kermelbrüge previously produced similar material for the Marvel captain and the Avengers: Endgame Trailers, this time they want the films Eternals, The Falcon and Winter Soldier and Vandavision.

Marvel's Eternals Wraps Production, When Does the Trailer Drop?

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Marvel Studios Release Official Promotion?

To be fair, he made a good point that Eternals still doesn’t have the right poster. In addition to choosing the concept art released last year on D23 and a Chinese New Year page, there is no official marketing material for the film. Although the coronavirus pandemic ended before it was shut down in Hollywood. Once again, Marvel Studios may still know it’s time to start promoting this film sooner, knowing for sure what the moments are like. They need to extend the marketing for Black Widow already, something they don’t want to do again with Stern.

It’s a bit different from the Disney + series, as they will be released via streaming. However, the global pandemic is an important factor as Marvel Studios releases official promotional material for the show. For starters, Falcon and Winter Soldier and Wandavision also don’t have a specific release date. It would be when they are filming and then given the coronavirus pandemic, it is not at all easy to resume production.

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