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Marvel’s Iron Fist Fate Could Decide In One Month

It looks like Marvel is on a mission to revive the dead TV series who were once considered masterpieces after their premiere. Likes of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, all are turned to dust and treated harshly by Netflix. Their cancelation was imminent and now Marvel is looking to do something with their revivals. A Reboot version of Luke Cage already been speculated but today we are talking about the Iron fist remake as its the most hyped rumor currently.

Iron Fist Reboot 

It is crystal clear that reboots are happening and Marvel has several plans to land shows on their platform. But the rumors escalated after Finn Jones not considering the plans for further expansion of the series. So it’s apparent that only a reboot could be a solution for Marvel and changing the frontline cast clearly ignited the speculations of a possible reboot.

Iron Fist To Be Rebooted On Disney Plus With A Brand New Cast | Small Screen

Source: Small Screen

Expected Release Date

Currently, there are just speculations for a possible reboot, so there is still time for official confirmation for the reboot. Then there will be production phases to get ahead to proceed with the proper process of release. The filming is also expected to commence next year as Marvel already has very much on its plate and currently focusing on future phases which mostly consist of shows like Hawkeye, Falcon, and The Winter Soldier, and Wandavision.

Disney Plus Or Netflix

Now everyone has their eyes on the respective platforms available for streaming. Marvel will mostly try to bring the shows on its own controlled platform. But if these shows have their respective deals with the Marvel shows, then it could be a huge bummer for Disney Plus and Marvel. But in the case of Iron Fist, it is speculated that the show will be on Disney plus for sure and they have projected the release on the platform.

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