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Marvel’s Blade: John Wick Director Shown Interest In Directing Reboot Film

As we have come to know that Jhon Wick Director Chad Stahelski has shown keen interest in directing Marvel’s Blade. He is known for his work on the John Weeks films, starring Keanu Reeves, directing the first with David Leach and two sequels on his own. It was announced that Maharshala Ali would be playing Blade in the new Marvel movie, but there is no other information about the film, including its release date. The last Blade movie to hit theaters was Blade: Trinity in 2004, which was very malicious and featured some great drama behind the scenes.

Marv Wolfman and Jean Köln produced Blade for Marvel Comics in 1973. The adaptation grossed $ 131 million worldwide and marked the end of two sequels, Blade II and Blade: Trinity, the Last Scripps.

The statement issued by John Wick Director Stahelski Interest in directing Blade:-

“If a person has come, I want to take a STAB AT … which is the best option for me, so that they like it. If you like someone or they tell me, I think they would like it.” For some reports, the VAMPIRE martial arts action has been fixed, which is an alternative to Straight and Rainy and Recent. ”

John Wick Co-Director Wants to 'Take a Stab' at Marvel's Blade ...
Source:- Digital Market News

Other details regarding Marvel’s Blade:-

However, there are several theories as to how Blade may fit into the MCU with his solo movie. The character is ideal for a director who correctly understands the direct instruction sequence when designing a compelling story. Stahelski will be an inspired choice for the project, proving his skills with his work on the John Wick films, which have delivered some of the best action sequences of the last decade. His talents would fit the movie perfectly, and if Leach supported him, the reboot would be in better shape. Yet, the fans will have to wait a little longer to see this new version of Blade for the MCU.

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