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Mars Rover 2024: NASA Invites Media For The Rover’s Launch

Media has certified to open the launch of NASA’s Mars 2024 Perseverance rover, which is designed to under the Mars geology in a better way and also to know any further signs of ancient life on the Red planet surface.

This analysis involves the use of robotic scientist that weighs around 2,300 pounds which is around the size of the small car – to collect and store the soil and rock samples from the surface that can be brought back to the Earth by any other future missions to analysis. Further, this helps to analyze the benefit of future robotics and exploration of humans on the surface of Mars.

Further, this Perseverance will be launched from a Space Launch complex at Florida and this launch was scheduled for 9.15 am EDT on July 17th and will be managed by the NASA’s launch service program.

Further due to the outbreak of coronavirus, NASA has requested to limit the number of media during the launch to cover the Mars 2024 launch from Florida. There were further media accreditation deadlines were announced and due to the restrictions across the nation, the international media were restricted from overseas to register from the launch and the local media should submit their request online.

Additionally, NASA and the team were working simultaneously on tracking the updates of the coronavirus situation across the nation and follow the guidelines to avoid any impact of the virus affecting the mission planning or media access available.

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