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Man Who Tried To Abduct 6-Year-Old Girl From Blind Father Arrested

California officers have booked the suspect who tried to abduct a girl

On Wednesday, California police announced the arrest of the man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a 6-year-old girl from her blind father last month.

Elijah Lopez, 24, was arrested on September 2 in San Diego. Investigators told reporters they believe Lopez is using the local rail system to attack the young victims.

On August 18, Lopez reportedly started a conversation with Cesar Palma and his 6-year-old daughter while on a subway train from Long Beach to Los Angeles. At some point, Lopez allegedly asked to take Palma’s daughter home, with the result that several passengers told Lopez to leave them alone.

The suspect was confronted by the eyewitnesses

Lopez would continue to haunt Palma and her daughter. Commuters stopped in for the second time after Lopez followed the duo as they got off the train and boarded the bus, the sources reported.

Police said Palma and his daughter came out of the bus and were on their way to the house when Lopez attempted to hold the girl’s hand and grab her. Palma reportedly clung to her daughter and screamed for help. A woman and a homeless Kastavius Johnson intervened, forcing Lopez to flee.

Blind Palma explained to reporters why he had not dismissed the suspect.

Charges for the crime

The surveillance footage reportedly led police to Lopez, accused of attempted kidnapping. He is still in prison with a $ 125,000 bail.

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