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Man Pretending As Cop Physically Abuses A Woman After Meeting On A Dating App

A man from District Heights has been taken into custody by the police after he allegedly pretended himself as a police officer and physically assaulting a woman after meeting her on a dating app.

Prince George’s County Police said that the suspect is Michael Crutchfield II, 23, and he had met the victim on the dating app a few hours earlier to the alleged assault.

The 23-year-old reportedly picked up the victim from her home and drove her to a parking lot in Temple Hills. After they parked the vehicle, the victim says Crutchfield distinguished himself as a police officer and also approached her with a gun. He then physically assaulted her. After the physical assault, the suspect drove the victim to her home.

Detectives were able to identify and capture Crutchfield at his home. Prince George’s County Police verify that he is not a police officer.

However, Crutchfield was newly hired as a special police officer working security for a private company in the District. He currently does not operate for any law enforcement agency in the country.

The 23-year-old is currently in the jail of the Department of Corrections. A court commissioner directed him to keep on a no-bond status.

Investigators would love to talk to anyone who had a similar interaction with Crutchfield.

The 23-year-old is charged with first and second-degree molestation, wicked practice, the use of a weapon in violent felony and related charges.

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