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Man And His Wife Charged For Killing Their 2-Year-Old They Claimed He Choked On Food


A dad and his wife have been indicted with killing his two-year-old son a month after he was arrested for hitting another of his child in the face.

Demetric Hampton Snr, 26, and Terrica Harris, 24, said Demetric Hampton Jr strangled to death while eating. Still, everything came into its place when doctors found multiple and unusual injuries on the boy’s body.

Mounties were transmitted to Hampton’s Center Point home in Birmingham, Alabama, following a 911 call that a child was not breathing properly.

Lied About The Incident

When they came at the scene, Hampton Snr told medical services that his son had begun to choke while eating.

He claimed to have the food from Demetric Jr’s airway and attempted to revive him.

Hampton also states that his wife was not at home when his son began to choke, and she got arrived moments before paramedics.

Carried To Hospital

The two-year-old was hurried to Children’s of Alabama hospital, but doctors were unable to save him, and he was declared dead at the moment.

Multiple Injuries

While in the hospital, doctors found that the child had multiple injuries and wounds that were incompatible with Hampton Senior and Harris’ stories.

Child protective services were headed to the house where other young children, including Demetric Jr’s twin, were living and the couple arrested.


Hampton Snr has been indicted with murder and exacerbated child abuse and is being held without bond at Jefferson County Jail.

Harris also indicted with aggregated child abuse but released on a $60,000 bond.

The couple has to appear in court in June on those charges.

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