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Mallrats 2: What We Know So Far About The Sequel Of Romantic Comedy Movie

Here is all that a person needs to know about the sequel of Mallrats!

Well, well, well, here we have Kevin Feige who has now dropped some very exciting news for all the people who loved the film, Mallrats, and now are anxiously waiting for a sequel of it. When Kevin was in an interview he revealed what his basic focus lies on during the whole time working on the sequel of Mallrats which released back in 1995.

The film starred Jason Lee as well as Jeremy London as two guys who kill their time at the mall after getting unceremoniously dumped by their girlfriends. But as of right now, this old story has been modified, updated, and renewed for a modern-day version.

Here is what Kevin Smith, the director of Mallrats 2, has to say about the film!

Back in January of 2024, we had Kevin Smith disclosing on his official Instagram handle about how the sequel of Mallrats is going to get a title as Twilight of the Mallrats. These comments made by this epic director made the various media outlets surfing back at the guest’s appearance Kevin did on an early episode of Comic Book Shopping which has been hosted by Collider.

Mallrats (1995) - IMDb

They managed to grasp on to an outtake from that interview held back in October of 2024 which includes several types of comments about Mallrats 2. Stuff headed in that direction when the topic of how the ownership of studio of the previous film by Smith is divided came up. Well, as for those who have no idea about the library of Smith, it is pretty twisty so it might take you a while to understand it.

Here is how Kevin was able to convince Universal Pictures in making Mallrats 2!

Kevin said that Mallrats 2 is now and because Universal did the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and then they offered our favorite director to choose what project did he want to take up next and he dropped a hint about Mallrats 2 which was previously canceled by Universal but right then they had a mall and even a crew to support and after hearing this news, Universal straight up said yes to a Mallrats 2 film but first asked Kevin to write a two-pager up.

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