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Mad Max Furiosa: Zoe Kravitz Shared Some Details For The Prequel Movie

Here are all the details that a person who loves the Mad Max movies needs to know about its prequel!

Well, well, well, as all the people who love Mad Max are well aware of the character of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Roads. This particular role is played by Charlize Theron, which is a very famous character. And this fact is not lost on director George Miller because very recent talks have disclosed that the man is currently working on a prequel meant entirely for Furiosa.

But as we all are aware of the fact that a project with Charlize Theron could prove to be a huge problem, he is going to employ a younger actor for the same role. And not a long time ago, we had actress Zoe Kravitz from Fury Road, who has now revealed all her thoughts on this particular shakeup. Zoe served her task of playing Toast the Knowing who is one of the five wives in Mad Max: Fury Road, while this great lady is also working on The Batman by Matt Reeves.

Here is what Zoe revealed about George Miller scheduling a recast for the prequel of the film!

Recently, The Happy Sad Confused Podcast invited Zoe to talk about her love for the film called The American President. Even though it was off-topic, Zoe did reveal some stuff about the procedure of recasting that Furiosa has been put under.

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Zoe said that if she can recall this thing correctly, then the Mad Max creator was always passionate about doing a prequel meant for Furiosa, but she never had an ounce of the idea that he is going to put the whole movie under the recasting process.

Zoe says that no one should ever question the instincts that George has because they always turn out to be awesome!

But then she went to say that if there is something which Zoe has learned from being a member of the Mad Max franchise, then it is that you have to just stay quiet and put your entire trust in what George Miller is set on doing.

She added that no one should say anything to George and go to work just like that because everything he does, turns out to be awesome. And of course, after the success that Mad Max: Fury Road has garnered, the proof that George Miller is a great filmmaker just sits right there.

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