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Lunatics: Netflix Cancelled Show For Season 2? Here’s What We Know

The first season of Lunatics premiered on Netflix on 19 April 2019. The first season of the show consists of 10 episodes. The series was written by Chris Lilley, and he also starred in the series.

The critics were not pleasant to Chris Lilley or the show. Since the release of the show in April 2019, Netflix has been quite about the renewal or the cancellation of the show. But, there are only rumors that the series has been canceled by Netflix after season 1. Let’s see if the show has been cancel or renew:

Has Netlfix Canceled or Renewed The Show

As of now, Netflix has not given any official announcement about the renewal of the show. Despite the critics and reviews, lack of renewal, we are still holding out faith for a new season of the series.

In Reddit, a fan asked that ‘Hi Chris- I am very excited about season 2 of Lunatics- anything you can narrate us? New roles? More cameos?’

Chris Lilley answered the fan as ‘Yeah, same so thrilled for the next installment of something… Cannot say right now, but it will be good.’ The answer to this question truly appears to suggest Chris is suggesting to a series other than Lunatics.

With that stated, a few other lines do hint that he likes working with Netflix because of the freedom they give him. If there is any new information about the series, we will be happy to update that for you.

The Show Was The In The Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Australia And UK

The show broke the top 10 most popular show releases in 2019 for Netflix Australia. The show also broke into the top 10 most popular titles in Netflix UK too. The series was one of the favorites for fans and viewers enjoy the comedy.

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