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Luke Cage Reboot: What We Know So Far

Marvel Cinematic Universe is already shifting towards its lineup of TV shows and phase four is mainly about TV shows. But what about the previous shows as we are already familiar with the fact that many shows got axed by respective streaming giants and showrunners.

Luke Cage is nowhere to be seen after its second season and there were reports that emerged for its cancelation.  Reports are to the point somehow as there were no speculations regarding the third season of the Marvel’s masterpiece.


But now the odds are in favor of the motion and there could be a reboot version of Luke Cage on the cards. We cannot support the speculations totally, but Marvel is planning to bring back the show in its TV show lineup and decided to not to continue from where it ends but instead rebooting the series.

This could be a great move by Marvel as the show desperately needs attention and a possible reboot could fix all the major problems within.

Expected Release Date

Currently, there are just speculations regarding the series and even an official confirmation is required for the green light of the show. So we have to wait calmly for the official signal by Marvel studios to go ahead with the production phases.

Somehow, the show got the green light, then the production could only be started next fall as the hectic schedule of Marvel to bring the delayed shows on time.

Netflix Or Disney Plus

Now Marvel has its second Disney controlled platform Disney Plus and they will definitely want to Luke Cage on board. But if there were some agreements between Marvel and Netflix then the reboot version of Luke Cage will surely follow on the Netflix platform. But according to reports, there was no such deal that forces Marvel to release its shows on Netflix, so Disney plus could be a desired destination for Luke Cage.

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