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Lucifer Season 6: Why Tom Ellis Omission Could Be Lethal?

Netflix has been the knight in shining armor when it swooped in and saved the hit series Lucifer from getting canceled. The streaming giant not only revived the series but also gave a two-season order as well! Fans were happy, and now the more good news is coming their way.

Lucifer Season 6 Might Be Happening! Here’s What We Know.

Considering the overwhelming response that the series has received overall these years, Netflix was generous enough, and we’re even planning for a sixth season as well! This would make fans so very gally, but now it seems like there has been a contract issue going in with the show’s titular character.

The Warner Bros. Television Is In Talks With Tom Ellis For Season 6!

Apparently, Tom Ellis, who plays the lead role in the show as the fallen angel Lucifer, there are some demands that the actor might have been making, and now it might have reached a dispute. The ongoing negotiations that reportedly has been going on between Ellis and the Warner Bros. Television have come to a standstill.

This sudden dispute is reputedly arising as the least actor has rejected the studio’s latest offer. If he fails to honor the contract, there are rumors that this deal will then put him in breach of the agreement, thus ending the sixth season deal. It was back in February when Netflix might have shown interest in yet another season after the fifth season being the final one. The showrunner is reportedly already roped in along with the supporting cast. The cast of the hit fantasy drama series is quite excited to return.

There Might Be Some Issues Going On With The Contract Agreement!

According to sources, while Tom Ellis has been given the utmost priority in the whole matter, there is a limit, and according to the source, the limit has surely been reached. Reps of both parties have refused to comment on this ongoing issue. Moreover, if the contract is not going to go ahead, is the sixth happen is not happening after all? Or will The actor be replaced? We wonder if that is happening or not.

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