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Lucifer Season 5: Murder Of A Fan Favorite Character?

With season 5 Lucifer coming back on Netflix, here is what fans think it will be all about!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the series called Lucifer on the streaming giant Netflix are well aware of the fact that it has a fan following which ranges from all age groups, that is, teenagers to adults.

The plot of this series is so captivating that all the fans can not even wait for a season five to happen. The buzz of Twitter that is happening behind the whole fifth installment of Lucifer looks pretty astounding. A new installment was promised by Netflix for the show’s fifth season back on the 6th if June 2024 that will see the King of Hell taking back his throne.

Here is what fans expect the plot of the fifth season is going to be on Twitter!

Obviously, no fan can deny the fact that they are waiting with the utmost anticipation to see what this new season has in store for them when Lucifer moves back to home turf.

How well do you know Ella Lopez from Netflix's 'Lucifer'? Take our ...

But there are certain things that fans are expecting from a new season regarding its plot because they also know that Netflix has disclosed this outing is going to be the last one for their show.

Here is what fans speculate about Ella Lopez’s character of Aimee Garcia on the series!

The fanbase of this series on the social media platform called Twitter has given a lot of credit to the role of actress Ella Lopez who plays Aimee Garcia. All the fans say that they are wishing for more Ella in the new season because they are missing her hugs as well as humorous jokes.

People are stressing over the fact that we might see Ella either sacrifice something or in her maybe she is going to commit an unforgivable sin while she wants to take up revenge which might result in sending her to hell for the damnation.

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