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La Línea: Shadow of Narco: Latest Netflix Foreign Drama On The Cards

Also due to its worldwide release, Netflix is ​​designed for its documentaries: every sequence and movie. While a handful of documentaries were released in the month of August, to come back additionally, the great dreamer has released dates for 2 documentaries in early September, and this is what we found out about them.

‘My octopus trainer’

Release Date: September 7, 2024

Marine Wildlife is made for riveting documentaries all the time, and while the Synopsis may seem a bit odd, the trailer will do it any other way. Amid the bright colors and immense complexity of marine life, op My Octopus Trainer ‘is an investigative documentary that advances a person’s relationship with the octopus. A filmmaker named Craig Foster swims in the frozen ocean to meet his mother from a small octopus who seems inclined to this human strategy. After executing your extraordinary abilities to enter the octopus’s lair and monitor its actions, you are ready to develop an undeniable bond with this wild sea creature that will swim away from almost all of them.

Netflix row as new series on Spain's drugs barons' secret lives in La Linea scheduled for release - Olive Press News ...

Image Source: The Olive Press

The trailer contains stunning images of the ocean as Foster describes his first encounter with what he previously called an “unusual factor,” with several people saying that the wild creature looks like an alien. Apparently, Foster claims that upon close inspection and in this case a friendship, we find that “each of us is related in many ways.” Also, the greatness of the absolutely beautiful, Foster watching the pet octopus makes this documentary very attractive.

La Linea: Shadow of Narco ‘

Release Date: September 9, 2024
Synopsis: This banned documentary explores a Spanish coastal city that transformed Europe into a deadly place for drug trafficking.

Netflix revealed that the documentary’s production workforce was initially named ‘La Linnea: La Sombra del Narco’ and has completed 33 of 81 interviews and 336 hours of recordings to discuss the day-to-day fight. Let them tell you The most important enclave in the nation ”, Stories Olive Press. Allegedly locals from the drug underworld, La Línea, have expressed disinterest in the concept of the city is portrayed as a drug trafficking metropolis. Also, a request from has reached 1,000 indicators. The official trailer for the documentary will be released, but be prepared for updates.

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