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‘Khaled Khaled’: DJ Khaled’s New Album Is Out!

The new album of Khaled has been released. This is Khaled’s 12th album. Here’s everything we know about the new album including the release date, trailer, and many more things.

DJ Khaled released his 12th album

DJ Khaled’s new album is named Khaled Khaled! The title is the DJ’s official name in legal records. DJ Khalid fans were shocked when the rapper made a call on social media and revealed some key details about his 12th album.

The trailer for The Khaled Khaled album also dropped a big bomb. Two Tracks or as DJ Khalid has said that Drake will appear on “Two Keys” to be released from the album. One song is called Popstar while the second song is titled Grease.

DJ Khaled Announces New Album 'Khaled Khaled' | Rap-Up
Source: Rap up

A clip was released alongside Khaled’s July 16 announcement of his upcoming self-titled album, which features Khaled’s life and career as a DJ, as well as images and the birth of his children since then. Khaled also won the Grammy Award for the first time.

The trailer of the song has been released

DJ Khaled recently stepped on social media and announced his new album ‘Khaled Khaled’. Khaled will also release 2 songs from the album in collaboration with Drake. The new album is called Khaled Khaled. The trailer of the song has been also released.

The trailer has attracted the attention of its fans and music lovers as it shows many glimpses of his life and career. This teaser provides fans with insights into DJ Khalid’s life and journey into the music industry. The trailer also featured a series of special moments that the music producer shared with his sons Asahd and Alam.

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