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Katy Perry: Family Received Death Threats From A Stalker

Katy Perry’s family has received death threats from a stalker! What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

Katy Perry’s family has received death threats!

Katy Perry Granted Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Who ''Threatened'' Her Family

Perry revealed that a stalker known for threatening to kill her fiancé Bloom was found on his property at their Los Angeles home and that several of the admissions won. . It won’t matter, but with a new baby in the house, we can’t even imagine your child’s crisis. While Perry maintained her trademark honesty about the mental health cost of getting pregnant in these crazy times.

she also celebrated the release of the new album Smile, a project she said amid the massive changes happening in and around her. It makes her feel empowered. But in the court documents obtained by E! In the news that Perry requests a protection order, it is clear that she and Bloom are not taking this threat lightly.

Perry mentioned about the stranger in the document!

In the documents, Perry refers to the intruder as a “complete stranger” who “tortures my property, intimidates me, and has threatened my family.” She further claims that this man, identified as William Terry, committed atrocities against her and her family. A judge accepted Perry’s request for an order of protection against Terry, who must now live 100 feet away from the singer, Bloom, Bloom’s son, Flynn, and their newborn Daisy.

Perry is also prohibited from contacting the singer, even through social media. Perry writes that he suffered “significant and severe emotional and psychological distress” due to this person’s actions, and we have no doubt. With so many threats swirling around us, the last thing someone needs is another problem knocking on their door. Fortunately, we are confident that Perry and Bloom have the resources to double down on security; it’s a shame that they can be forced.

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