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Kansan Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Assaulting A Woman And Leaving Her To Die

A man from Kansas has been sentenced to life in prison for harshly beating a woman in 2016 after she refused to have intercourse with him and then left her alone in the wood to die.

On Thursday, 26-year-old Korrey Raine White Rink was sentenced to life in prison. He won’t be available for parole for 25 years under the sentence ordered. He has been charged for first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in the death of Julianna Pappas, 46, of Overland Park. Sources reported that he also was directed to register as a physical assault offender and pay more than $15,000 as compensation.

Prosecutors originally intended to seek the death sentence and charged him with capital murder and molestation. The 26-year-old pleaded guilty in June.

Pappas’ dead body was discovered in a park in Overland Park after she had disappeared for more than a week. Rinke told police that he molested and beat Pappas after she declined to have intercourse with him. According to court paper, he said he “did not think that she would survive her wounds” when he abandoned her in the park.

At his sentencing on Thursday, Rinke confessed and talked about his life in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Rinke said that “I am sorry for drinking, and I am sorry for the death of Ms. Pappas.”

He was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, after his arrest. A fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition that a psychologist testified left him with damaged cognitive function that prevented his ability to regulate his behavior and mood.

Pappas’ brother stated in a statement that his sister was an independent spirit who believed people more than she should.

Rinke’s attorney registered a notice of appeal quickly after the hearing.

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