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Kaley Cuoco And Margot Robbie ‘Feud’ Over Harley Quinn?

Actress Kaley Cuoco and Margot have recently reported for feuding over Harley Quinn. It was reported that the two were refusing to do an event together at Comic-Con 2024 and the reason for this was rumored that the actresses don’t like each other and could not stand each other at all. But what’s the truth behind this? Here’s what we have got.

Does The Two Made Problems on The Set?

It was earlier rumored about Stars, that though the actresses have worked together and showed the DC comics darling character Harley Quinn, still they don’t not like being with each other. They hate each other’s company and can’t stand each other. They were too claimed to be talking nonsense and speaking out trash things about each other behind the scenes.

Margot Robbie, Kaley Cuoco Feuding Over Harley Quinn? -
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According to the sources to bring Margot and Kaley together for the event at Comic-Con this summer, the studio and network bosses were struggling hard and had their hearts. The event which was going to happen had been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, but before it was canceled, the bosses were getting problems to get the two together at the event, which was to feature both the actresses and named as Meeting the Harleys. It was reported by the source that both the actresses balked each other, and it was not just their professional jealousy, but they do not like each other.

Are The Rumours True?

All the things said above were proved to be rumored and not right by a rumor debunking sites Gossip Cop. It revealed that all these things are just rumors. Margot and Kaely don’t refuse to work together, and also they never spoke trash about each other.

It has claimed that Star has been publishing fake stories about Margot Robie. And this can be proved by the example when it had published about Margot and Brad Pitt of being the hottest couple of Hollywood; however, it was later revealed that they both had never dated each other. Another one was when Star had accused Margot Robbie of creating troubles on the set while shooting Birds of Prey. This news was indeed proved to be fake.

Even Actress Kaley Cuoco was also under few rumors. Once Star claimed about her not being able to give time to her husband because she was too busy in making her movie Big Bang Theory final season, although it was later proved as not real.

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