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‘Justice League: Rebirth’ A Soft Reboot Is Reportedly In Development

Recently, the DCEU has opened up an entirely new world of storytelling though it has been told that things may get confusing in no time if they are not careful about it. There have been rumours coming about Jeffery Dean Morgan’s flashpoint version of Batman, and it is also predicted that there could be a return of Ben Affleck. If these rumours come out to be accurate, it is possible that we can have four caped crusaders all at a time while factoring in Robert Pattinson’s reboot which and Michael Keaton’s impending debut.

Justice League: Updates

It is also reported that after much speculations, Henry Cavill perhaps committed his future to DCEU. However, there are nonetheless reports about the planning of rebooting Superman by Warner BrosBros as opportunities are given to them with the multiverse. And this has been done without even telling Snyder Cut, due to which more adventures could have arrived for the original Justice League Lineup.

Justice League: Rebirth Reportedly In Development, Will Be A Soft ...
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Justice League: Rebirth

Some new details have also been reported about the rumours spreading on a reboot for the all-star team of DCEU. The reports have indicated that Green Lantern and Justice League Dark are the shows which are going to release on HBO Max. Further, Viola Davis returned for the Suicide Squad while Diana is going to have her Golden Eagle Armour in Wonder Woman. And this came out to be true. According to the sources, it has announced that currently, Abrams seems to direct the movie. As per now, the title is Justice League: Rebirth which is currently working on.

Since Joss Whedon took over Justice League, the fans of the Justice League probably won’t be on board precisely with the new version which is currently being working on especially coming along with the Snyder Cut over the horizon.

Still, it can be seen that the multiverse has opened up multiple numbers of possibilities for the Warner Bros and by this, there is no doubt that they may make a soft reboot to keeps the fans happy and to maintain the DCEU’s continuity.

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