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Julia Roberts Dealing With Financial Crisis Amidst Pregnancy

Julia Roberts was allegedly expecting another baby and having financial difficulties. The Ocean’s Eleven fame was reportedly trading properties and cutting expenses to pay the debt.

Julia Roberts Pregnant

In May 2019, it was reported that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were vacationing in Hawaii. The break added that they were hiding a secret, alleging that another baby was on the way for the couple.

The information is that Julia’s about three months pregnant with her fourth child.

The baby news professedly made Roberts happy. She told her friends it was a “miracle.”

Julia Roberts Suffering Health Crisis Over Marriage Problems?
Source: Gossip Cop

The information also added that Roberts and Moder were having matrimonial problems and considering divorce. However, their mind suddenly got changed after discovering that they were expecting.

Financial Crisis

Meanwhile, it is claimed that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were having financial difficulties. For this reason, they are reportedly intending to sell their penthouse in New York City and mansion in Hawaii.

Roberts and Moder were afflicted with the insanity of Hollywood. They were planning to live a simple life in San Francisco.

Thus, they have to control their spending for debt payments on various properties, manager and agent fees, and the cost of raising their three kids.

All Of It Was A Rumor

Julia Roberts wasn’t pregnant. The report was published a year ago, and Roberts and her husband didn’t welcome a new baby.

Also, Roberts and Moder have a marriage. The allegations that they were close to divorcing were not true at all.

Roberts said that the matrimonial rumors hurt her because it didn’t reflect her true relationship with her husband.

“I’m so happy about my marriage… there’s so much happiness bound up in what we’ve found together.

Furthermore, it’s not reliable that Roberts and Moder are selling their properties because they are struggling financially.

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