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John Boyega Says He Is Interested In Playing The Role Of Red Hood

The Star Wars actor was thought to be tasked with Twitter and fans immediately left a comment. He’s watching the man who turns his fanbase into Jason Todd, playing Finn and judging Batman differently. It all has DC FanDome and Gotham Nights heels. Red Hood was at the center of the game’s presentation and is of great interest today.

Not to mention a recently made animated film that invites DC Toad’s tragic fate every time. (So ​​much so, since then, everyone thinks Robin had a date with the crown at some point.) There’s still a good chance he’ll look charismatic like the boys so Red Hood can be successful in the park. To hit. DCEU at some point

John Boyega Wants To Work As Redhood DC Upcoming Movie

Boyega once again stressed that he had no intention of returning to “Star Wars,” as fans were interested in seeing him return to a distant galaxy “I did not necessarily agree with many of the options in that regard and that is something I talked to Mark [Hamill] a lot about, and we had conversations about. Not only does he play a role in Steve McQueen’s “Small Ax” urology, but Boyega also plays a leading role in the new film “Naked Singularity.”

The 28-year-old Boyega replied, “lol no thanks. I’ve continued.”

John Boyega Says He's Too Old to Play Static Shock

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When another fan said he “really made those Disney dollars and drowned,” he said, “No. I don’t play a role for a very long time. Earlier this year, the actor said that “The Rise of Skywalker” was “very disappointing” (but there have been some disappointments).

Boyega also appeared in the short film “Rise of the Resistance” and appeared in the TV series “Forces of Destiny” and in various video games. PTI RDS RDS

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