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Joey King Reacts To Jacob Elordi Not Watching ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

After Joey King recently revealed Yakub Elordi on Twitter, the actor claimed that he did not see his own movie Kissing Booth 2. Joey King revealed that Yakub is lying by reacting to Yakub’s statement on Twitter. I was.

Wait, but that’s not the best part either. “You like?” Jacob asked the interviewer, to which he replied, “Yeah, it was nice.” Apparently they didn’t believe him because then they said, “Be honest.” Finally, he said and admitted: “I thought it was better than the first one.” Jacob’s backhand seemed satisfied with the compliment and said, “You’re very kind.”

Here’s What The Actor Revealed

Joey King Reacts to Jacob Elordi Saying He Didn't Watch The ...

Yakub Elordi recently stated that he has not been seen in an interview with his new film Kissing Booth 2. Variety, Yakub revealed that “I have not seen him. He has accompanied more further than I have. I do not know if it is allowed to say that, but I do not I’ll do. To which her co-star Joey King replied that it’s not true! The 21-year-old actress took to Twitter on August 6 to reveal a new What Jacob Said in the Interview.

Other Statements

Joey tweeted, “Jacob saw it. That is a cap. In a statement to enter ‘pathetic’ on the set, Jacob made these statements in his response. I have a sad face!” “You know what it is? It’s because I usually think a lot, like crazy, something ridiculous. I also think, [my character] Noah is a grumpy friend, you know?” He is a man in a bad mood. He’s not [super happy] walking. He was not sad, he was tired but not sad. I enjoyed it a lot “.

“It was good. I came straight from – literally, I finished Euphoria and then I got on a plane and [Kisses Booth 2 for the movie] flew to Africa. So it was a climactic mental revolution.” But there [Kissing Booth] was going to be back and something I knew how to do was a good silence so I could stay and know what to expect and around, you know, buddy. Were? ”Jacob added.

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