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Joaquin Phoenix Sold His 3 Million Penthouse In New York

Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck have cut additional ties in their once dual ownership of a New York City loft for $3.135 million.

The winners of the Academy Award were once the best friends, but love was broken down by the weight of Casey and Joaquin’s sister Summer Phoenix, 41.

The Manhattan loft on Channel Street, on the edge of TriBeCa, was initially advertised for $3.495 million, and ultimately sold at $360,000 less through Sotheby’s International Realty.

Property Details

The property’s ceilings are 11 meters high, and a kitchenette is built with stainless steel.

According to Sotheby’s loft, ‘mingles dazzling light, water views, and industrial authenticity.’

It looks like an area of three plots on two levels, three bathrooms, and brick walls breaking up the large open space.

Summer And Casey

In its July 2017 divorce filing, Summer Phoenix cited unreconcilable discrepancies for ending her marriage to Casey following her separation in March 2016.

Casey collaborated with Joaquin on the Gus Van Sant sitcom To Die For in 1995, started in 2000, took part in 2003 and got married in June of 2006. The former couple met with Joaquin. They share two daughters, Indiana, 15, and Atticus, 12.

In early 2017, Casey faced criticism over the sexual assault of producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka over his actions as director of the 2010 film I’m Still Here (who starred in Joaquin).

Joaquin And Casey

Phoenix, 45, the winner of his turn’s Best Actor Oscar in Joker, told in an interview last year that he hadn’t been talking ‘in many years’ with Casey, 44.

The controversy was sparked with his Manchester By the Sea awards season, for which he finally won the Best Actor Oscar; Casey withdrew from the tradition of the best actress award at the 2018 Oscar, amid the emergence of the # MeToo campaign later in the year.

The cast was the crew, and the team had a cast that was a little unprofessional, and, you know, the buck had to end as one of the producers with me, and that was a mistake, “he told the AP in August 2018. ‘I contributed to the nonprofessional atmosphere and tolerated other people’s behavior, and I wish I didn’t. And I’m sorry about that a lot.

He continued: I didn’t know what I, as the manager, was responsible for. If I was thinking of myself as the boss, I don’t remember. I acted in a way, however, and encouraged others to work in a rather unprofessional manner. And I’m so sorry.

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