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Jay Cutler Reveals His Reasons For Leaving Instagram, Details Here

In the era of social media, almost every celebrity is on the various social media platforms. Through social media, celebrities stay connected with their followers. Social media presence has become important for everyone. But, every once in a while, the stars try to take a break from the various social media platforms. Everyone has their reasons to quit social media platforms. The latest celebrity to pull up his Instagram account is Jay Cutler. But why did the star leave Instagram?

Jay Cutler: Why Did He Remove His Instagram Account?

After being active on Instagram, Jay Cutler decided to remove his account. Jay Cutler was in a relationship with reality star Kristin Cavallari for some time. Recently, both of them went their separate ways. The reason behind Jay Cutler’s step is Kristin Cavallari’s recent trip to Laguna Beach. The photos of the reality star’s, recent trip have been seen, on her social media accounts. She met her old lover Stephen Colletti there. The picture went viral, and Jay Cutler received a lot of backlash from many people.

After the backlash, the star decided to remove his Instagram account altogether. It is not known what kind of backlash did Jay Cutler receive.

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Jay Cutler Was Supportive Of Kristin Cavallari Even After The Split

Even though Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari had parted ways, Jay Cutler has always shown support to his former partner. He recently left a nice message for Kristin Cavallari, when she launched her new cookbook, True Comfort.

In June this year, both of them had reunited and spent time together on father’s day. Jay Cutler had even posted a picture of the two of them together on his social media account.

What Did Jay Cutler Share On His Instagram Account?

IfJayHadInstagram was Jay Culter’s Instagram handle. He handled his social media account on his own. In recent times, the star shared the pictures of chickens on his property.

The star recently split from his wife, Kristin Cavallari. Both of them have already sold their home in Nashville. The former couple has also reached a custody agreement.

Jay Cutler was a part of the reality show Very Cavallari.

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