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Indiana Mother, 24, Brutally Shot To Death For Shouting ‘All Lives Matter’

A juvenile mother killed after she shouted “All Lives Matter”

The discussion, triggered by offensive words, became deadly last week, leaving Indiana’s mother deadly with gunshot wounds.

Sources reported that on July 5, 24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was murdered at about 3 a.m. when she walked with friends on the Indianapolis Canal. Family members say the shootings took place after a discussion between Whitaker and Black Lives Matter group.

Whitaker’s boyfriend, José Ramirez, said that Whitaker or one of her friends shouted, “All lives matter,” after a stranger from another group said, “Black lives matter.”

Both the groups took out their weapons amidst the feud

Chaos broke out and both groups pulled out their weapons, but Ramirez said that in the end everyone had retired and had cooled down.

No one is charged or arrested yet

Ramirez admitted that he shot in response to the shooting, but doesn’t think he hit anyone.

So far, the suspects have not been arrested in connection with this case. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released surveillance footage last night, which shows many people in the area at the time of filming.

The authorities hope that someone will provide information.

An account has been created to help the son of the victim

In the meantime, a GoFundMe fundraiser has been organized to help create a savings account for her child. To date, fundraising has amounted to over $ 67,000.

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