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In The Cold Street Outside Trinity College, Homeless Woman Gives Birth To Twins

In a freezing cold street outside Cambridge University’s richest college, a homeless woman who is believed to be 30-year-old gave birth to premature twins.

The 30-year-old homeless woman went into labor next to Trinity College early on Monday morning.

The mum and newborns twins were hurried to a hospital after passersby called an ambulance.

A witness said that the woman was believed to have been around 29 weeks pregnant, which means the babies were 11 weeks premature.

He said that “The mum and her newborn babies were all in the ambulances by the time I cycled past.”

He said that his workmate was first to reach the scene and fortunately Sainsbury’s was open early that morning and she went in there for aid.

The charity Centre for Cities concluded in a report in 2018, that income was given more unevenly in Cambridge than in any of the 57 other cities it studied which includes London and Oxford.

Trinity College itself has more than £1 billion in assets.

An RSPB volunteer who lives just outside the city, Jess Agar, set up crowdfunding operations to help the stricken family, which has collected approximately £5,000.

Ms Agar wrote that ‘Childbirth should be an interesting time of joy and surprise.’

‘Imagine giving birth alone on the street, in the shadow of the richest college in Cambridge.’

She further wrote that ‘Whether we are spiritual or not, several of us will be familiar with the Christmas story of a mum who gave birth to her baby in poverty, seeking shelter in a stable.’

‘This is the truth for many people surviving on the roads.’

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