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Idris Elba Dying From Coronavirus! The Actor Finally Reacts To Rumors

Idris Elba is the second major star in Hollywood to test the novel coronavirus positively.

On a tweet on Monday, the British actor confirmed that he felt good and had no symptoms. Elba has been isolated since he found out Friday that he could be exposed to the virus, he said.

“I had no symptoms whatsoever. I was screened because I knew that I was introduced to someone who tested positive, too. Last Friday, I found out they were testing positive, so I checked myself and got the results today.”

“It’s time to think about social isolation, wash your face, and beyond that, there are people who have no signs and spread them.”

Last week, actor Tom Hanks also confirmed that he screened forCovid-19 positive, and in Australia, he and his wife are in quarantine.

Is It True That Idris Elba Dying From Coronavirus?

After somebody sent him a screenshot of a story alleging that his condition had deteriorated, the actor was forced to include an update about his health.

The person who sent the video said to Idris thatsomeone posted your YouTube video claiming the COVID-19 virus seriously infected you.

He replied, “It’s fake, I’m happy now. Thank you for reaching me.”

Idris also told another fan how, after his diagnosis, he did not feel’ bad.’

He explained: “I didn’t have bad days. I had a body and headache on the day I checked, but it was.”

The actor also said that while checking for the virus, he still had no symptoms.

Idris Elba And Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Elba, 47, recently participated in an event with the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Thursday, she confirmed she tested positive forCovid-19.

The diagnosis of Elba will make the disease more real for those who still see it spread from a distance. Leading Hollywood stars in previous epidemic outbreaks led to raising public consciousness, as when Rock Hudson, a movie star, died of AIDS in 1985.

Many people with coronavirus experience flu-like symptoms and are improving, but older adults and people with medical conditions are at risk.

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