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How To Fix Frame Drop In Call Of Duty Warzone, Effective Steps

Call of Duty once again reclaim his thrown after the release of the reboot version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This is not it; the game also released a free Battle Royale version Warzone to please the fans who were not bought the game in the first place.

Call of Duty Warzone offers an immersive experience of 150 man Battle Royale, and the numbers got increased to 200 a few days ago. There are several modes other than casual battle royale, Plunder Bloods Money and Juggernaut Battle Royale are the popular modes of Warzone and thoroughly enjoyed by the fans.

But the game still persists the lag and constant frame drops, which ruins the smooth experience of gameplay. But to avoid those, you have to take some steps to finally get rid of it.

Updating Drivers

Firstly update your graphics drivers to attain the full potential of your GPU and keep them updated.

Game Updates

Warzone requires daily updates, and it’s necessary to do before the launch of the game. You don’t have to do more, as the game won’t start until the update is not completed.

Shaders Installation

Many warzone users ignored the shaders installation at the home screen of the game, and they start the game before their installation. As resultant lag is imminent and users could face constant frame drops.

Don’t Push Requirements limit.

This is the most important thing in Warzone. If your system can easily run it on High setting, then you should degrade it to medium for smoother gameplay. So don’t push the requirements, and you have to compromise with quality for a smoother experience.

Clear Cache

Clear storage cache and other temporary files which tend to slow the processing rate and thus slowing your gameplay and frame drop results. Many users aren’t aware of Ram cache, and they have to clear it too for further assistance in boosting FPS. See this guide below to clear your ram cache and begin the era of boosting fps.