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How I Met Your Mother Or Friends: We Put A End To Debate Of The Decade

The big debate: Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother!!

Some arguments never go away. But today we will address another debate, an issue that has divided all kinds of addictions to Netflix: which program is better: Friends or How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM).

We will give a quick summary of each one for those who are not familiar with them!!

Friends is a comedy that was aired in the 1990s about a group of six that, you guessed it: Friends and their lives in New York City. Among the characters is Rachel Green, a little spoiled but kind girl; Monica Geller, a classic “Type A” trailhead; Ross Geller, Monica’s intelligent and sarcastic brother; Chandler Bing, a hilarious man with a suicidal mood; Joey Tribiani, a silly but sweet man; And finally, Phoebe Buffay, the eccentric hipster of the group. This group of 20-30 years is followed by ten full seasons, where viewers see their funniest moments, their most devastating hearts, and their sweetest romances.

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How I Met, Your Mother is another comedy that aired in the 2000s about a group of five friends and their lives in New York (sounds familiar). However, unlike Friends, How I Met Your Mother told in a different format. It is narrated through an elder Ted Mosby (the main character), who describes his children how he met his mother. Therefore, the show consists of a series of flashbacks counted in chronological order.

Now, for the part that will probably bother you halfway, Friends is a better show. And here is why.

Although both programs are enjoyable, Friends takes the prize for being a little fun. If you oversee both programs, the humor in Friends seems more spontaneous and much less convincing. This can undoubtedly be attributed to their different production styles. While Friends was filmed in front of a live studio audience, HIMYM did not. This meant that later shows had more time/flexibility when making movies. On the other hand, in HIMYM, the hint of laughter was sometimes used at inappropriate times, where we felt that the program was trying to make me laugh at moments that were not so funny.

In general, Friends takes the cake for being the funniest, most original, and best-executed program. As much as we enjoyed watching HIMYM. But, for all HIMYM fans who have gone too far in this article, we will say that we still have a place in our heart for HIMYM: the space for friends is not that big.

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