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Houston Rapper Scarface New One To Test Positive For Coronavirus

Houston rapper Scarface said he tested positive for the coronavirus in his long-standing Geto Boys interview with Willie D Thursday.

The rapper whose real name is Jordan Brad described an ordeal that started with scratching in his throat and involved several hospital stays, pneumonia in both his lungs, kidney failure, and a fever of 103 degrees Celsius.

He also noticed that, given all, his positive COVID-19 test result was officially only obtained on Wednesday night.

He Also Has Asthma

Jordon said coronavirus-related respiratory problems were especially cruel because he also has asthma. He said he could hardly breathe, and “I think an elephant was sitting on my chest.”

He Didn’t Travel And Was In Self-Quarantine

The rapper said he didn’t know where the virus was pick up, adding that he didn’t fly lately, and he lives a relatively sedentary life. He encouraged people to take the pandemic seriously to do this: “I don’t know how anyone would even want to play games to them, I don’t want to have that bad fun, where my life could take my life.”

Jordan recently said he didn’t travel. He said he woke up with an itch in his throat on Sunday morning. He called his physician and got medication. Shortly after, after hitting a fever of 103, Jordan was rushed into the emergency room. He is now in quarantine following his coronavirus test tests.

Jordon told him that he was still quarantined at home, but thought he was safely recovering from the virus. After a fantastic experience, he joked at the end of sight, “I’m finished fucking live, man! I’m going to do something like skydiving and shit. We’re going to go on a safari ride.”

Other Details

In recent weeks, many singers and other celebrities have tested positive for the coronavirus. Tom Hanks and his partner, Rita Wilson, were among the first and most notable, while Idris Elba, Jackson Browne, and Kevin Durant were among others.

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