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His Dark Materials Season 2: The Brand New Trailer Introduced The Subtle Knife

Here is what we know about the series called His Dark Materials on HBO!

Well, well, well, here is a piece of great news for all the people who are in love with the series called His Dark Materials on HBO because as of right now, its creators have dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming second installment. In that piece of the clip, all the fans could witness the importance of Subtle Knife from the second book series which is a weapon that Lyra is destined to have.

The first installment of the show is a co-production of the BBC in the United Kingdom as well as HBO in the USA. These guys have loosely adapted this tale from the book series called the Northern Lights which has been written by author Philip Pullman. This book has previously been adapted into a film too which goes by the name, The Golden Compass.