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High School Teacher And Former Cop Molested And Harassed 17-Year-Old Student In Class


A Teacher and the former deputy has been arrested for molesting and harassing one of his 17-year-old students.

Patrick Todd Smith, 51, was convicted Tuesday after the girl confessed to police about his deep and offensive approaches on her at the Idaho Falls school at which he taught.

Auto shop teacher, Smith, allegedly started his antics with inappropriate and venereal comments that intensified to unwanted kissing and touching in spring 2019.

Police Service

Smith was also a former policeman from 2007 to 2011.

During interviews with investigators, the victim confessed about his inappropriate flirting and physical comments toward students that then lead to things getting obscurer and more surrealistic.

The victim said the behavior was neglected because it was usual for Smith.

How Things Turned Ugly?

She said after months of unsuitable comments; Smith moved on to innocently hugging her, but then one day, he reportedly grabbed her, pulled her into his lap, and said it wasn’t fair she excited him, and he had to deal with it all day.

Smith kept assuming that his life would be easier if she weren’t so attractive or if she was an adult.

The abuse allegedly heightened to the point where Smith kissed the student and groped her underneath her clothes.

The shocked girl left school for the rest of the day after the confrontation, and Smith reportedly texted her to ask if she was OK.

In-text messages viewed by police, the victim responded she was not OK with the touching and that it needed to stop. Smith replied and agreed to her conditions.

The next day at school, Smith hugged her and prdon however, his flirty antics continued, and Smith would hug the victim even more after she turned 18.

He has now been charged with felony genital battery on a minor. He has also been placed on paid departmental leave and is being examined by the school district.

Smith’s attorney, Shane Reichert, was unavailable for comment when requested by local media.


If convicted of felony generative battery of a minor, Smith could spend up his whole life in prison.

Smith posted a $10,000 bond after his capture and was freed from jail on Wednesday. A no-contact request has been issued between Smith and the victim.

He is held for a preceding hearing on June 2 at the Bonneville County Courthouse.

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