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Here’s The List Of Famous Celebrities Who Have Donated To Help In Fight From Coronavirus

Celebrities Who Help In Fight From COVID-19:

As well as since the coronavirus outbreak, cities across the country have urged self-segregation to help ease the curve and reduce transmission, resulting in school closings, Layoffs and a decline in the stock market. Now celebrities are helping.

The situation and the economy are looking increasingly dire with each passing day, offering celebrities what they can help. Others are donating not only their time but also their enormous resources, to provide assistance to the less fortunate in their communities and around the world.

1. Shawn Mendes:

Shawn Mendes and the Shawn Mendes Foundation donated $ 175,000 to the Hospital for Sick Children (Secides) to provide a Toronto-based facility with emergency medical resources for efficient care of the forensic virus and patients, families, staff and the community at large.

2. Justin Timberlake:

The singer-actor announced on March 15 that he donated to the Mid-South Food Bank in his hometown of Memphis. As well as according to the stars it is a crazy moment, but remember that we will all come together in this. Start small and support our local communities by providing food to those in need he reminded his followers that every little thing help.

3. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds:

The couple announced that they would donate $ 1 million, to be divided between Food Banks Canada and Feeding America. According to the actor, he thinks they can all agree, Covid-19 is a hole for us.

4. Lady Gaga:

Singer “Stupid Love” makeup brand Hawes Laboratories announced on March 16 that it would donate to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the New York City Food Bank.

5. Dierks Bentley:

Bentley, the owner of Gastropub Whiskey Row, gave his 90-hour staff $ 90 to help the service industry get through this difficult time, and urged other bar owners in Nashville to help out.

6. Ricky Martin:

Ricky Martin has launched a new campaign to help health workers around the world save lives through the non-profit organization Project Hope. Therefore, there are many celebrities, singers, actors who have donated to help the fight from Coronavirus, respectively.

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