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Here’s Everything We Know About Mark Wahlberg New Documentary Series “Wahl Street”

HBO Max will be providing the experience from the television of your dreams with the next documentary series Wahl Street if you ever wanted to see a real-life version of Entourage featuring Mark Wahlberg and his investment portfolio.

Wahl Street Will Explore The Daily Life Of Wahlberg

According to the official press release, Wahl Street will explore the daily life of Wahlberg as he juggles his film career, his various business, and the colorful characters of himself. The series production began in December, but no release date is set to date.

The rising streamer issued an order for the eight-episode series “Wahl Street,” which will follow Wahlberg’s blueprint for the development of his business empire. The series is released less than a week after the new action comedy film by Wahlberg, “Spenser Confidential” on Netflix.

HBO Max’s Summary For The Show

According to HBO Max’s summary of the show, ‘The viewer learns about his successes and failures and gleans strong business and life lessons, while also learning about the cast of colorful characters that make up the real-life world of Wahlberg.’

Group Of Entrepreneurs And Inventors

A diverse group of entrepreneurs and inventors will present new opportunities to Wahlberg to each season, as well as covering all aspects of Wahlberg’s business ventures to try and gain its support.

“The ups, downs, hits, and misses are registered. It’s all the right things that happen as I expand my company, “Wahlberg said. “We pull the curtain back, and hopefully, this is an opportunity to encourage others.”

HBO Max promises that every ‘Wahl Street’ episode will show Wahlberg’s ‘expansive company profile’ and not just a Chevrolet dealer.

The long-term HBO series “Entourage” was loosely based on Wahlberg, who worked as the managing producer on the show, and it is therefore not clear whether he has any good stories left to tell.

The series comes from Unrealist Ideas, created by Wahlbery, Stephen Levinson, and Archie Gips. The team will be used together with Liz Bronstein as executive producers.

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