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Hela Was Almost In The First Thor Movie

The author of the first Thor movie, Zack Stentz, reveals that the first draft of the script included a cameo from Hela.

Thor’s first movie went through a few different authors, and the result was an epic story about the origin of the God of Thunder. However, it could be argued that the character didn’t really find his balance between action and his funniest side until Thor: Ragnarok (2017). A movie that reinvented the mighty Avenger and gave Chris Hemsworth a chance to show off his comedic skills.

Screenwriter Zack Stentz, who also contributed to a first draft of the film X-Men: First Class (2011), has now taken to Twitter to shed some light on his time working for Marvel Studios. As you can see below, he wasn’t a massive fan of comics before signing up for the project, and that might explain a certainly fun idea he came up with.

“In the first draft of the script, during Thor’s coronation, at one point, Volstagg blurted out, ‘What the heck!’ and Hela turned around and stared at him until he said: Sorry, way of speaking.

Zack Stentz went on to point out that his writing partner Ashley Miller made him remove that, and it’s probably for the best. For, all things considered, that would have been a pretty terrible loss from a great villain. In a separate Tweet, the writer revealed that the first draft took just three weeks to write.

Will Hela return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

After Thor: Ragnarok, it would be expected for Hela not to return, as she died alongside the destruction of Asgard. But in Marvel, death is never the end. Since we have seen a return to characters like Loki, Thanos, Gamora, or even Coulson in the Agents of SHIELD.

So Hela could return as she is supposed to be back in Hel which would be like hell where the Asgardians go, and it was even speculated that Thor would travel there in search of an army. But we haven’t seen that in any movie yet.

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