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Harry Styles Reveals Having A Huge Crush On This Actress!

Harry Styles has revealed about having a huge crush on this actress! Who is she? Here is everything you should know!

Harry Styles answered some hot questions on The Ellen Show!

The Ellen Show is one of the few chat shows on American television that has managed to attract viewers, as the show’s producers have been offering better segments from time to time. Whether it’s a 5-second game of rules or a sizzling question segment, The Ellen Show has managed to entertain audiences since its television debut.

Harry Styles confesses THIS Friends alum was his first crush & spills the beans on his first kiss | PINKVILLA
source: Pinkvilla

Recently, the most popular celebrity in Hollywood, Styles appeared on the show and was featured in the Burning Question segment. Recently, Ellen’s show fan Harry Styles spotted Ellen jumping in the hot seat for a round of burning questions. When Harry Styles managed to dodge some interesting quick interrogations led by Ellen DeGeneres, the singer also provided gossip to the media.

Harry Styles has a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston!

The 25-year-old singer asked tons of questions, which Ellen wanted to know … including her first celebrity in love with a woman and her favorite body parts. From answering some of Ellen’s classic questions to revealing her favorite clothes, Harry Styles and Ellen DeGeneres managed to entertain audiences with their engaging comments on each other’s responses. However, the audience’s attention gained when Harry Styles revealed that his first celebrity crush was FRIENDS star, Jennifer Aniston.

In addition to the same, the singer revealed that a woman’s eyes, her character, and her smile attracted her. Apart from this, Harry also impressed viewers with his inner clowns on the channel show.

Ellen DeGeneres and Harry Styles were successful in pulling the prank on the pizza delivery boy. Harry said his first crush was Jennifer Aniston and his favorite body parts are the eyes, the smile, and the character of a woman. During the segment, Harry also finds out how old he was when he was asked for his first kiss, his guilty pleasure, and more.

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