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Halo Season 1: Release Date, Casting, Storyline And Other Major Updates

Halo is an adaptation of a popular game, this series will contain ten episodes, and they began their filming in Budapest in 2019.

The series will take us into the future where we will witness an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, and the show will give a vision for the future.

We have Kyle Killen as the showrunner, and Steven Kane will see the production in Budapest, and lastly, we have Otto Bathurst, who will be seeing the directing for the series.


We do not have an official release date for season one of the show, but it is supposed to be released in the first quarter of 2024.

I am considering that the filming is already completed; if not, the pandemic may delay the show.


Here is a list of the cast members we will see in Halo season one

  • Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, however, he might be a voiceover instead of being in the live role
  • Natascha McElhone as both Dr. Catherine Halsey and Cortana
  • Olive Grey as Dr. Miranda Keyes
  • Danny Sapani as Captain Jacob Keyes
  • Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Porangosky
  • Charlie Murphy as Makee
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Soren-066
  • Bentley Kalu as Spartan Vannak-134
  • Natasha Culzac as Spartan Riz-028
  • Kate Kennedy as Spartan Kai-125
  • Yerin Ha as Kwan Ah

We do not have any teaser or trailer for the show as of yet, but we are hoping for someone soon.

This is not the first time audience will be seeing Halo’s live-action; there have been plenty of movies in the past that have portrayed something similar but with some alterations in the titles.

We will keep you updated on any further news about Halo till then stay home stay safe!

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