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GTA 6: How Rumors Affecting The Scenario of Release?

Rockstar Games are getting so much heat regarding its upcoming titles, and GTA 6 is largely concerned at the moment. However, there was no official confirmation from the Rockstar Games, but still, speculations are on a high note. Meanwhile, Rockstar is getting pretty busy with other unannounced projects, but still, GTA 6 matters so much to the developers.

GTA 6 is now more than a rumor but still the rumors affecting the game adversely. There are many rumors regarding the next release and how they could affect the scenario of release.

Next-Gen Release

There were rumors surfaced about the next edition will be exclusively for next-gen Sony Playstation, and after some time, other platforms will be entertained. Now we could easily rule out or consider these rumors as it could happen as well as it could not be possible due to previous petitions filing for the game. GTA 4 was very harsh to the PC users and arrived two years later on the platform.

Project Americas

However, this might be the old news, but still, the project is in the development and named Project Americas. So we also ruled out this one as there is nothing confirmed about the project and the place where GTA 6 will take place.

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Some rumors were suggesting that GTA 6 will have a plotline of the 80s era, we totally denied the fact as if GTA 6 wants to do this then it will be another Red Dead Redemption with some early-stage cars. It will be absurd to see GTA without modern technologies, whether they are vehicles or armory.

Reasons for Delay

Its been seven years, and still, Rockstar Title is getting delaying and delaying. But we have to look at the first case scenario as GTA 6 was never teased, and the developers never confirmed a potential release date for it. The basic reason for the delay in the development of the game as it usually takes more time than the previous franchise. So something big will be on its way this time, and it takes more time, and current circumstances of a pandemic don’t let the development in full steam ahead.

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