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Grey’s Anatomy: Fans Angry At Richard Webber In The Latest Episode

Fans Angry At Richard Webber!!!

The last episode of An Grey’s Anatomy ‘was Nervishing. Richard Weber’s illness worsens and he suffers a stroke in the middle of a conference and is taken to the hospital when the episode ends. Before that, he hallucinates his wife Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) for coming back to him and apologizing for his mean, or rather diabetic, behavior. In their minds, they both reconcile and spend a happy night together.

Richard has been showing signs of an unwanted illness for some time. In a previous episode, he had introduced his services and announced that he no longer wanted to be a surgeon. Fans speculate if Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) retired years ago. Also, fans beg protesters to leave Richard alone as fans are still recovering from losing Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

Derek’s tumor removed from Weber’s brain is back! This is my sad prediction, ”one fan tweeted taht they wonder if Richard’s tumor that was removed in Derek’s season 1 is back and what causes the arm to cause outbreaks and hallucinations? Even if Derek has all the tumor cells, there can always be an echo!” Another fan wrote.

Fans Angry and took twitter to express their feeling!!!

Another fan tweet that according to him first they send Kareez with Izzie, then Richard starts to lose control of his hands and now you’re telling someone. He was a little surprised !!!! # Grey’s Anatomy

“Really, Shonda? Because what is happening in the world is not so sad for you to throw those two episodes at us. And Weber? Weber? Seaman Man. My heart a little fragile no more. It can handle”, The other tweeted. Fan. However, it is not Shonda Rhimes who is the author of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Krista Wernoff has taken over.

According to fans if Richard comes out, he won’t be the same as Grey. An annoying fan wrote: “Richard Weber doesn’t die any better! I promise to stop watching #GreysAnatomy.”

“Richard! He doesn’t go through hell and water, he marries Catherine, he is electrocuted, he dies, he just dies of a bloody brain tumor!” according to the fan. According to another fan if it does. They’re taking it too far and they’re already living in times of fear and insanity maybe he’s imaginary world? Can’t be wasted? ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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