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Gotham: Is Season 6 Cancelled?

Gotham ends tonight on Fox. The Serious Crime series follows cop Jim Gordon and young Bruce Wayne as they take on dangerous criminals living in Gotham City. However, since the series has been on the air for five years, some fans are wondering if it has been cancelled or renewed for another season.

Gotham has been cancelled. The season five finale, starring an adult Bruce Wayne as Batman, serves as the end of the entire series. Showrunners John Stephens and Danny Cannon talked about why they wanted to end the series in a platform. When we introduced the pilot, we imagined a lot that the show would end when we saw Batman. We always knew this was the show that Gotham City was the star on. Initially, we were talking about what a city worth seeing as Batman would have to do.

Gotham Season 6: What's The Renewal Scenario And Has The Cast Teased Any Detail For It

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Gotham won’t be renewed for the sixth season on Fox

You can’t really tell the whole story in four minutes at the end of the episode. So the reason for this is the full-time jump of 10 years for the whole episode so that we can truly see where the characters are and also why the city needs the arrival of Batman right now. Also, we’ll be looking at All those characters. Together we wanted to touch the foundation of what we know at the moment. We are connected to them; the audience has joined what we know, so we wanted to follow them.

There are not any plans to follow up or a spin-off, Cannon and Gotham manufacturer Bruno Heller will installation a sequence primarily based totally on Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. The series is titled Pennyworth and will premiere on July 28 on Epics. While there is no connection between the two shows in terms of continuity, Pennyworth will follow the character model established by Gotham actor Sean Pertwee.

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