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Georgia Man Charged For Getting Physical With Dead Woman


A man has been arrested and charged for allegedly getting physical with a dead woman outside a homeless shelter in Georgia.

Policemen responding to a 911 call were dispatched to the 100 block of Walnut Street on Sunday morning, following reports that two people had to get physical on the front steps of the property.

Deputies say they discovered 55-year-old Kenny Obryn Whitehead outside the Daybreak Resource Center getting dirty with the woman.

Woman was Dead

After commanding Whitehead to put his clothes, they discovered that the woman was dead.

However, Medical Emergency services claim that she had been deceased for some time.

Officers are examining the woman’s cause of death though they do not suspect any kind of foul play.

Identity Still Hidden

They are not releasing her identity until next of her family have been informed of her death.

Whitehead has been charged with necrophilia and is being held without bond.

This type of crime has a maximum prison sentence of up to two years behind bars.

It is reported that The Daybreak Day Resource Center aids around 100 homeless people a day with regular supplies and help.

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