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Frozen Embryo Born After 13 Years Of Storage

A baby has been born of a frozen embryo that was stored for 13 years at the Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center froze the embryo.

The baby was delivered on Monday in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, becoming the longest known frozen human embryo to achieve in a successful birth in the West Asia region.

The baby girl was conceived back in 2006 when the scientists at the Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center in the central Iranian city of Isfahan froze the embryo and stored in the storage of the center.

The baby girl that was born from the frozen embryo was named Nafas, and she has a 12-year-old twin brother that was also conceived at the time.

In West Asia, she holds the record for the longest frozen embryo to come to birth.

According to a founding member of Isfahan’s center, Doctor Asadollah Kalantari, more than 500, 000 frozen embryos are currently in the storage of the center from families across the nation and around the world.

Many have noticed the baby’s birth very moving as it could mean the potential for even more people to become fathers and mothers through the technology.

The last time a baby was born using the technology was two years ago in the United States.

The baby was delivered in November 2017 as the embryo was initially frozen on October 14, 1992.

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