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‘Friends’ Baby Emma Finally Wakes Up From The Nap Reacting To Chandler Bing’s 17-Year-Old Joke

“Friends” Emma Baby reacts to Chandler Bing’s 17th-Year-old prank!! 

One of the two twins, who played Baby Emma in “Friends,” is finally reacting to a joke that Chandler Byng made 17 years ago. .. and let’s say she is resting well.

In the October 2003 sitcom episode, Ross (David Schwimmer) records a video message for Emma for Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) for Your first birthday. He asked to do.

The idea that a baby can watch tape at the age of 18.

Monica and Chandler, however, hoped to leave the child’s birthday together for a romantic getaway but were convicted at the party, a party in which Emma was sleeping mainly. Needless to say, Monica and Chandler were nervous.                                                        “Hi, Emma,” Chandler says in his message. “It’s the year 2024. Are you still enjoying your nap?”                                                                                                                            The annoying Monica continues: “By the way, we are Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler. They can’t recognize us because we haven’t talked to their parents in 17 years!”

“We used to get married, but then we missed a weekend together and unpublished things … thanks to you,” Chandler continues. “Happy Birthday.”

Nole Sheldon, who played her sister with Emma, ​​is waiting for Quip to respond and did so while the calendar was shaking. On New Year’s Day, Noelle shared an Instagram post, in which a photo of herself was retouched in Central Perk, with the set of “Friends.

Noelle captioned the post that “She just woke up from the best nap of all time, happy new year, happy 2024 and she shows her holding a Central Perk cup”, and at last, she hopes everyone has an excellent year full of family, friends, and laughs, respectively.

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