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Florida Woman Tries To Stab Cop Before She Was Shot To Death

The police officer was acquitted after a Florida woman stabbed a Jacksonville police officer with a knife

The sources report that the state attorney of the 4th Judicial Court in Northeast Florida ruled that the death of 29-year-old Leah Baker was acquitted by the police. The incident took place on April 11 in Jacksonville, when officers got a call for disturbing a roommate.

According to the police report, when the police arrived, Baker came out with a knife and stabbed Jacksonville police officer Elizabeth Mehling in the arm.

Mehling shot Baker

Mehling ordered Baker to drop the knife and lie down on the ground, while another officer, a sergeant. John Nobles arrived for support. Baker, who had dropped the knife, approached him again and Mehling warned her not to pick him up.

As Baker grabs the knife, Mehling shoots, but visibly shocked, she misses.

Baker then grabbed a knife and ran towards Nobles, who shot her four times.

Baker lost her life in the hospital

As per reports that when Baker fell to the ground, she was holding a knife. When the officers and a police dog approached her, Baker began beating the dog. The dog grabbed her by the leg and dragged her into the street, where the police handcuffed her and sent her away along with the paramedics who arrived.

Baker died in the hospital.

Baker’s mother, Charity Baker, told the publication that her daughter is mentally ill and cannot get the help she needs.

The mother added that it was Leah Baker who first called emergency services to help in an argument with a roommate.

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