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Florida Woman Stabbed Elder Man To Death Moments After Using His Washroom

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with the murder of an elderly man in Pennsylvania after asking to use his bathroom

Kathleen Susan Reed, 36, was accused on Wednesday of the murder of W. John Ditzler, 83, whose body was discovered at his house about five miles east of Danville on Tuesday.

According to the arrest warrant, Reed disappeared from her home in Florida on Saturday with her dog, Barney. She was going to Canada, she told the detectives because she believed her mother was trying to poison her.

Kathleen asked for help from multiple people

After living in hotels in Georgia and Virginia, she ran out of money and started asking people at gas stations to help her with gasoline and food.

Kathleen took permission from an elderly man to use his bathroom

In Pennsylvania, she stopped in front of the Ditzler house and went out to warm up. She met him as he walked down the driveway and asked her if she could use the bathroom. He let her do it.

The woman and the elderly man had a fight in the kitchen

When she came out, Kathleen said the elderly told her to leave and they fought in the kitchen. She picked a knife and injured him in the shoulder, but the knife broke. She grabbed another knife and stabbed him in the throat.

She told the detectives she didn’t know what to do and dragged him to the floor, then put the knife in the dishwasher, washed her hands, found the keys to the car, and fled away.

The investigators discovered the woman in a shop

The police later found her in a shop, sitting in a stolen car. Initially, she seemed not to respond. She first told police that a woman traveling with her had taken her car and that her jeans were showing blood from a cut on her arm.

Charges for the crime

After finding the owner of the car she was in, the police found Ditzler’s body and Reed’s car outside his home. They also found footprints corresponding to Reed’s shoes.

Reed is detained without bail, accused of murder, theft, and possession of the crime instrument.

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