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Florida Nanny Accused Of Filming ‘Adult’ Video In Front Of Children

Florida’s nanny and an adult actor, who was arrested in April for child physical abuse, was arrested Monday for trafficking

Chip Simmons, deputy head of the Scorpio County Sheriff’s Office, said that after the initial arrest of Nicole Walter, the deputies learned that someone from another state would pay Walter 27 years for the physical conditions under which the video was filmed. Simmons explains that the exchange of money during this meeting with Walter led to the man being accused of trafficking.

Walter was earlier arrested in April:

Walter was initially charged in April with obscene and sympathetic exposure to a victim under the age of 16, possessing child-adult film, a law enforcement battery, and arresting resistance to violence. With regard to the authoritative government, the news said that Walter was the adoptive parent and an independent blue film actress who taught herself in the film.

Walter used to record blue films in front of the toddlers:

Police said they bought three videos in January 2017 and 2018, in which Voltaire sees a physical act in front of young children when they cry in the background and begin an investigation.

A man who allegedly requested illegal videos about children said that the price of Walter’s video varies depending on how many children were involved. He also said that Walter was offering Skype video sessions for $ 8 per minute, in which children also participated,  sources reported.

Simmons also said that Walter received $ 100 in physical expressions depicting children.

Officers found an SD card which contained pictures of girls:

According to the investigation, the media also reported that a 3-year-old girl told police that Walter touched her sensitive parts and photographed her. According to the Florida Police Department, an SD card containing adult images of a girl aged 10 to 13 was placed.

After Walter’s arrest, the police received from 20 to 30 calls from parents whose children spoke to Walter. However, Simmons told that none of these calls was a criminal charge against Walter.

While they were searched at Walter’s house, the investigators found a micro SD card of child pornography on which teenage girls were physically executed in accordance with an arrest warrant. The video has also been found on Walter’s laptops, which are completely naked, in the presence of children and a third person whose name has been changed. One of these videos had 30 minutes, the report said.

Walter remains in custody in Santa Roa County Jail.

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